Join us on this journey as we expand the boundaries and definitions of nature play, exploring a multitude of materials and sustainable options with the view to reconnect people and recreational spaces with nature.

Since our earliest beginnings, we have shared an affinity with nature; a symbiotic relationship between Earth and its inhabitants, our daily lives governed by the seasons.

Fast forward to today.  Even with our great technological advancements and constant online connection, we are filled with a yearning to spend more time in nature; reconnecting with ourselves and the people closest to us. 

Nature alleviates the impacts of stress in both children and adults.  Intuitively, we understand that the warmth of the sun on our backs or the texture of soft grass underfoot will make us feel good.  Science now confirms these feelings, with “natural prescriptions” being recommended around the world.

The trend towards higher density living places even more emphasis on our parks and green spaces as areas of natural refuge; where we feel a sense of belonging, a reconnection with ourselves, with nature and with our wider community.

This is an evolution not of the mind or technology, but of the soul.

The Terra Australis Story

Terra Australis is a story born from our need to reconnect with nature in a way that is both sustainable and accessible to all.  

Using stunning, locally sourced natural materials such as Australian Hardwood Timber and stone, we seek to create recreational spaces that consider every individual element and how it enhances holistic site design. 

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Inspired by Nature

The Terra Australis Story is a collection of ideas and methodologies around the re-integration of nature into our recreational spaces.  Our need to reconnect with nature is driven by our need to re-connect, to belong, and to build an array of physical and emotional skills that have been disappearing from our daily lives.


The most important thing about a park, playground or recreational area is how it serves the community.  Looking at whole of space integration for all users; children, teenagers, carers and visitors can help to create a space that offers a place for everyone.


Our design teams use unstructured, continuous play as their benchmark for product and place design.  Non-prescribed entry and exit routes mean there is no “right way to play”, allowing children to discover their own route through the system, inventing games and engaging their peers as they play. 


Perhaps thought of more readily as part of a child’s game or a skill children need to develop, the ability to imagine things pervades our entire existence. It influences everything we do, think about and create.


Achieving sustainable space design outcomes is a key focus for our design team; luckily we have the ability to source a number of materials from the local environment in an effort to reduce our overall environmental footprint.


The perfect balance between organic and man made creates the optimal natural play environment for children and their families, inspiring curiosity and supporting outdoor activity and learning.


Humans are explorers at heart, and nature-inspired recreational spaces encourage us to return to those biological roots to discover new environments.  The inclusion of organic materials and diverse native flora within soothing surrounds give us both an appreciation for nature and a reminder of the need for our presence in environmental protection and preservation.

A word from our Founder

The pleasure of discovering the natural beauty of this country is particularly personal to me, being a first-generation immigrant to this country and being fortunate in my parents building their new lives on acreage in what was then an outer western Brisbane suburb. 

It is our hope that every child gets to enjoy the boundless beauty of this great country, learning to appreciate how lucky they are to grow and play in this wonderful environment. With our involvement in the recreational space industry over the past twenty plus years, this yearning to give children the experience of a better lifestyle has always been our calling.  It is what drives us, and what sets our compass.

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Terra Australis Timber Tops Range

Timber Tops Modular Tower Range

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Terra Australis Kuranda Rainforest Tower

Kuranda Rainforest Tower

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Terra Australis Tallaganda Hut

Tallaganda Hut

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" Imagination … is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited.  
Imagination encircles the world. "

 - Albert Einstein

Meet your Design Team

Peter Koch Head Designer

Peter Koch

Head Designer

Tony Buck Design Manager

Tony Buck

Design Manager

Shez Mussa Design Consultant

Shez Mussa

Design Consultant

20+ years' experience creating award winning recreational spaces

We are a specialist team thinking beyond the conventional to create unique, award winning recreational spaces to benefit children, families and communities across Australia.

A cornerstone of the Australian Recreational industry since 1998, we have experience across aquatic, play and fitness space design and construction and custom engineering and fabrication projects.

Led by Director Marcel Veraart, we are a team of specialists with a diverse range of interests and experiences, dedicated to delivering your unique magic.



in the last 5 YEARS

$43 million


in the last 5 YEARS

Kuranda Rainforest Tower Under Construction
Kuranda Rainforest Tower Under Construction


Works are continuing at Bellevue Estate in Ripley, with the finishing touches applied to the Kuranda Tower and matching Cubby system.  Custom colours have been chosen to match the estate’s logo and to continue the sunshine theming of Bellevue throughout.

From the top of the tower, children (and daring adults) have 360° views over the gorgeous Ripley Valley, and there are play and social activities for children of all ages and abilities, thoughtfully designed by the team at Saunders Havill.