Inspired by towering rainforest trees and their symbiotic relationship with the creeping vines that surround them, the Kuranda Rainforest Tower features un-structured play opportunities over three levels. 

Terra Australis Playscape Creations Kuranda Rainforest Tower
Kuranda Rainforest Tower

Kuranda Rainforest Tower

Clad with curved powdercoated aluminium tubing in a variety of customisable colours, the outlook from the top of the tower has been designed to give users a bird-like feeling where they can see across the greater landscape from their “nest”. 

Safety and Outlook

Completely enclosed by stainless steel mesh, clear lines of sight are offered across all levels, with the internal dimensions large enough to facilitate active adult supervision and engagement.  Access between levels can be achieved through multiple vertical climbing tunnels, ball pommels and nets, with an exhilarating ride to the bottom via the 4.5m tube slide.  The lower levels offer inclusive and passive play opportunities with tunnels, nets and a hangout system. 

An impressive structure whether seen from near or far, the Kuranda Rainforest Tower stands at 8m high.
Features on the Kuranda Rainforest Tower High Quality Durable
Kuranda Cubby System


The Kuranda Junior Cubby is designed to surprise and delight children from 6 months to early primary school age. This cubby play system is packed with play value to build children's gross motor skills, challenge their abilities and provide exploratory, social and learning opportunities.

Access to the open slide is achieved through internal steps, easily navigable for children of all ages. Integrated talk tubes and a simulated shop front encourages social and imaginary play. Internal and external observation panels give children an opportunity to observe the rest of the playground from an elevated viewpoint. These can also be upgraded to moveable play panels if desired.


The Kuranda Rainforest Tower and the story of Terra Australis has been captured in a stunning storybook.  If you would like to receive your own copy, please add your details below to receive your copy, hand delivered by one of our amazing team.

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