Unique designs, inspired by nature and enhanced to be suitable for all Australian environments

What makes Terra Australis Unique?

There has been a trend over recent years to try and quantify the “play value” of a piece of equipment or a play environment.  Essentially, this is a simple matter of adding up the number of activities you can undertake on a single play structure; the entire playground is then simply the sum of its parts.

As a design company that specialises in play, we have recognised that this way of thinking completely overlooks the value of a child’s imagination.

As a result, our design teams use unstructured, continuous play as their benchmark for product and place design.  Non-prescribed entry and exit routes mean there is no “right way to play”, allowing children to discover their own route through the system, inventing games and engaging their peers as they play.  It encourages inclusion for all ages and abilities as children build their physical skills and confidence in their own time. 

Continuous play opportunities mean that children can move from one activity to the next within the same system; preventing traffic jams on the equipment and encouraging children to find the path that best suits their needs.

This shifts the value of the play from simply the number of activities to the infinite value of the child’s imagination.

Terra Australis Features

The Terra Australis Story features a stunning array of designed spaces; each offering a unique aesthetic while delivering an incredible community outcome.

Terra Australis Playscape Creations Kuranda Rainforest Tower
Kuranda Rainforest Tower
Terra Australis Playscape Creations Timber Tops System
Timber Tops System
Terra Australis Playscape Creations Tallaganda Hut
Tallaganda Hut
Terra Australis Playscape Creations Nature meets Adventure Designed Space
Nature meets Adventure
Terra Australis Playscape Creations Architectural Nature Play
Architectural Nature Play
Terra Australis Playscape Creations Timber Tops Arbour delivers a place for all
A Place for All

Architecture in Recreational Spaces

The perfect balance between organic and man made creates the optimal natural play environment for children and their families, inspiring curiosity and supporting outdoor activity and learning.

Children explore and learn at different rates and in many different ways – the more they play, the more they develop skills necessary to engage and impact the world around them.  Developing behaviours based on what they touch, see, hear, taste, smell and how they move and position their bodies, children integrate their senses through play.

Sensory rich recreational spaces allow for stimulating and exciting opportunities for adults and children alike, regardless of ability.



Inspired by towering rainforest trees and their symbiotic relationship with the creeping vines that surround them, the Kuranda Rainforest Tower features un-structured play opportunities over three levels. 

Clad with curved powdercoated aluminium tubing in a variety of customisable colours, the outlook from the top of the tower has been designed to give users a bird-like feeling where they can see across the greater landscape from their “nest”. 

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Key Design Considerations

When considering a holistic space design, it is important to consider not just the individual elements but how each piece adds to the overall fabric and movement within the area. 

The Terra Australis Story considers the needs of all users and their engagement within each space; by layering textures and materials, organic and architectural shapes, the end result can be a multi-sensory delight for all users.

Material longevity and sustainability, ongoing asset maintenance and the use of natural, locally sourced elements are all key considerations of Terra Australis.


Perhaps thought of more readily as part of a child’s game or a skill children need to develop, the ability to imagine things pervades our entire existence. It influences everything we do, think about and create.

Imagination leads to elaborate theories, dreams and inventions in any profession from the realms of academia to engineering and the arts. Ultimately, imagination affects everything we do; regardless of our age or profession.  Imagination is the key to innovation.

Terra Australis Playscape Creations Imaginative Play


Achieving sustainable space design outcomes is a key focus for our design team; luckily we have the ability to source a number of materials from the local environment in an effort to reduce our overall environmental footprint.

The Rustik Australian hardwood is recovered from high-quality timber resources through development land clearing and sustainable forestry practices and has been used as a structural element throughout the Terra Australis Story.

Australian hardwood timber is used throughout out designs; both as a structural as well as an aesthetic element.  Delivering a warm tactile experience, our hardwood timber has been enhanced to reduce the risk of cracking and pest onslaught while minimising maintenance.


Connectivity designs the landscape to support the natural movement patterns of the area, intuitively emphasising arrival points and desired lines, and building in visual connectivity and points of orientation.  In the context of the entire space, each recreational area needs to add value; both to the environment and the community.

More than just pathways and points of entry, connection is about how people feel when they’re experiencing a place; the feeling of anticipation on the journey there, the joy and relaxation experienced when they’re immersed in the space, and the feeling of longing to return.

Terra Australis Playscape Creations Imaginative Play



Designed to be completely integrated into the site’s topography, the Timber Tops system is a modular range of towers that can be constructed alone or connected to deliver an immersive, nature-inspired play experience.

Set amongst stunning gums and completely integrated into the site’s topography, the Timber Tops system is a modular range of towers that can be constructed alone or connected to deliver an immersive, nature-inspired play experience.

The use of landform and elevation changes give children additional space to climb and discover, delivering infinite role and imaginary play opportunities as they test their physical skill and daring. 

To cater for adventure-driven, older children, this playspace incorporates two Timber Top systems; the iconic 10.5m high Tower with integrated play over four levels and an adjoining Hangout with play over two levels and multiple hangout nets for maximum socialisation and relaxation. 

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