The Timber Tops system is a modular range of towers that can be constructed alone or connected to deliver an immersive, nature-inspired play experience.

Terra Australis Playscape Creations Timber Tops Tower and Teen Hangour
Timber Tops Tower and Integrated Hangout

Timber Tops Tower

A beacon for children looking for a challenging play experience, the Tower features four levels of integrated play experiences, where there are almost limitless ways to move around and go up, down or sideways!  Joined by tunnels, nets, steps and platforms, the joy of this play experience is not just in reaching the top; it’s all about the experience of getting there.  Exhilarating tube slides have been included at two levels – 2.1m and 6.5m – so children can experience the free ride to the bottom from a height at which they’re comfortable.

Multiple points of ingress and egress prevent internal “traffic jams”, and all internal dimensions are suitable for adults and active supervision and participation.

Terra Australis Playscape Creations Timber Top Hangout

Timber Tops Hangout

Tweens and teens need space to socialise within an outdoor environment too; the Timber Tops Hangout provides a comfortable, social peer experience with opportunities to chat, hangout and lookout over the surrounding area.

Clear lines of sight throughout the system allow for passive supervision, and the connection to the surrounding playspace and the Timber Tops Tower remove any feelings of isolation.  The Hangout features an integrated platform net at the ground level, perfect for socialising, imaginative play or a safe space away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the playground.

Access to the second level is from the Tower bridge, the wooden ladder or twin spider web nets.  The net platform on the upper level is also the perfect place to chill or engage with peers across both levels, with communication made possible via integrated talk tubes. 

Complete Site Integration

Set amongst stunning gums and completely integrated into the site’s topography, this recreational design features a collection of Timber Tops Systems to deliver an immersive, nature-inspired play experience.

The use of landform and elevation changes give children additional space to climb and discover,  delivering infinite role and imaginary play opportunities as they test their physical skill and daring. 

To cater for adventure-driven, older children, the Timber Tops Tower delivers integrated play over four levels and an adjoining Hangout with two levels and multiple horizontal nets for maximum socialisation and relaxation. 

The Timber Tops Cubby has been integrated into a stunning sensory garden and discovery path, complete with sandpit and hardwood timber totems for younger users.

The central piece of this landscape is the stunning Zen water garden, with organic concrete forms, flowing water and an arbour that mirrors the Timber Tops aesthetic.

Perched up on the hill, the Timber Tops Junior Tower gives a space for active play away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the playground, allowing children to find their own “right fit” challenges.

Terra Australis Playscape Creations Timber Tops Junior Tower

Timber Tops Junior Tower

Reminiscent of a multi-level tree-house, the Tree Tops Junior Tower features an upper deck suspended from the central post, soaring rooflines and warm hardwood timber posts.  Vaulted archways and windows give children an elevated outlook and opportunities to engage their peers in role play and imaginative games across all levels.

Integrated activity panels at the ground level provide a plethora of play value for all-abilities access, and talk tubes allow children to speak to each other from different levels, promoting social inclusion.  The Junior Tower has been designed with stair access in addition to the non-prescribed entry and exit points such as the timber ladder, allowing for carers and less-physically able children to access the second level. 

The super fast tube slide gives children and carers a free ride to the ground, with the opportunity to begin the climb again!

Timber Tops Cubby

The Cubby is an enticing “right size” structure that invites younger children of all abilities to explore. Hiding, social and imaginative play experiences abound as children create their own games with their peers. 

Talk tubes, interactive play panels and hidden elements like the green tree frog encourage children to explore every facet of the Cubby, while still allowing for active play through the twin stainless steel wide slides.

Raised archways and the vaulted roof add a feeling of space and grandeur to the structure, while the large doorway allows for safe access for carers and wheelchairs. The integrated stainless steel slides are accessible by rear steps, allowing access by less-physically able children or carer transfer.

Terra Australis Playscape Creations Timber Tops Cubby


The Timber Tops Range and the story of Terra Australis has been captured in a stunning storybook.  If you would like to receive your own copy, please add your details below to receive your copy, hand delivered by one of our amazing team.

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