08.04.21 10:58 AM By Dani

Why Terra Australis is so important to me

The pleasure of discovering the natural beauty of this country is particularly personal to me, being a first-generation immigrant to this country and being fortunate in my parents building their new lives on acreage in what was then an outer western Brisbane suburb. 

This location was not necessarily intentional, but for myself and my siblings it exposed us to a semi-rural lifestyle, bereft of modern luxuries and infrastructure. It was an environment that allowed exploration of gullies and creeks, paddocks with horses, cattle and sheep, and lots of bushland with all its natural wonder.

When my wife and I raised our three boys we too were fortunate to be able to share a similar experience with our children. Having a home on acreage and access to vast neighbouring bushlands with dry creeks and water holes, and all forms of native fauna and flora associated with that environment was an ideal setting for our young family. Sunday mornings were spent with my 3 boys trekking the bushland, with a list and bag – we had to find things like a forked stick, a branch with leaves, a flat stone, a hand full of sand, and some kangaroo poo.  These adventures allowed a passion for the land to be passed on by osmosis to the next generation.

It is our hope that every child gets to enjoy the boundless beauty of this great country, learning to appreciate how lucky they are to grow and play in this wonderful environment. With our involvement in the recreational space industry over the past twenty plus years, this yearning to give children the experience of a better lifestyle has always been our calling.  

It is what drives us, and what sets our compass.

Thank you for taking this journey with us.

Marcel Veraart, 31st March 2021