Let's talk materials - longevity and durability

04.06.21 01:26 PM By Dani

Materials and the Australian environment

Australia is home to one of the harshest environments in the world; blistering temperatures, high UV exposure and corrosive conditions in our coastal regions to name just a few.   We understand that many organisations and asset owners simply don’t have the resources to maintain organic loose parts play or natural timber.  Unfortunately the majority of timber used in recreational environments - particularly if it’s not sourced locally - is unable to withstand the Australian environment or its pests.

That’s why the Terra Australis story is a natural evolution; we have integrated a number of quality, durable, aesthetically pleasing materials in a new way to deliver a nature-inspired experience without compromising on longevity of the materials or increasing asset maintenance.

  • Powdercoated stainless steel and steel posts finished with a 2-pac epoxy finish are capable of withstanding even the most extreme environments, and they can be coloured or themed perfectly to match the surrounding space.
  • The use of reconstituted timber decking and panelling in place of natural timber removes the need for constant painting and repairs.  Reflecting the aesthetics of natural timber, these pieces are engineered to withstand the harshest of environments; sustainable, highly durable, resistant to wear, scratching and vandalism and requiring zero painting or treatment.
  • 304 and 316 Stainless steel elements are incorporated throughout our designs; from the smallest fixings to the stunning architectural curves you see displayed in the Rustik pieces.  Adding a further textural layer to the recreational environment, stainless steel is a hard-wearing, corrosion resistant material that requires minimal maintenance.
  • Steel Cored Nylon Rope is used throughout the custom net systems, with the vandal resistant rope constructed from abrasion resistant fibres and braided around a galvanised steel wire core.  All fixings are stainless steel or aluminium and rope connectors are high strength nylon.
  • Australian hardwood timber is used throughout out designs; both as a structural as well as an aesthetic element.  Delivering a warm tactile experience, our hardwood timber has been enhanced to reduce the risk of cracking and pest onslaught while minimising maintenance.

Talk to our Team about getting the right materials in place for your project - whether you're in a regional area or in an extreme foreshore location.